Tips for using UPS

Having a UPS in your company or at home is an excellent investment, as it represents an increase in the useful life of electronics and the continuity of activities of machines, devices and systems. To make the most of the capacity of this equipment, it is necessary to preserve the battery and some precautions are essential for this.

Check out some tips below:
1- Do not install the UPS in hot, humid places with little air circulation. Good ventilation is essential and ensures the necessary heat dissipation during UPS operation, especially during the battery charging process.
2- Periodically clean the UPS air inlets with a brush or soft brush. Dust accumulation is harmful and shortens the life of the equipment. Attention: Never clean the UPS with damp cloths or use any liquid solution for cleaning, only dry cloths and brushes.
3- Always be aware of the capacity of the Nobreak. Never use more than 60% capacity, because when equipment is turned on, it can generate peak currents above the UPS capacity and burn it. Also pay attention to the power factor.
4- Take regular tests.
5- Pay attention to error messages or “beeps” and light signals.
6- Perform periodic maintenance and whenever necessary.
7- Count on us, we offer full support when it comes to safe energy!