Discover the Undeniable Advantages of Using a UPS!

In a world where dependence on electricity is more evident than ever, UPSs have become a crucial component in homes, offices and businesses of all sizes. But after all, why are so many people choosing to invest in this technology? What's the secret behind the growing popularity of UPSs? If you […]

Tips for using UPS

Having a UPS in your company or at home is an excellent investment, as it represents an increase in the useful life of electronics and the continuity of activities of machines, devices and systems. To make the most of the capacity of this equipment, it is necessary to preserve the battery and some precautions are essential for this. Check out some […]

Importance of battery bank in good working order

With the battery bank at the end of its useful life, failures may occur in a short period of time, these failures are caused under the influence of the temperature change, internally dilating the batteries, the batteries are susceptible to thermal shock, the batteries work in series due to this the need to change the bank. We do not […]