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Our Nobreaks protect critical systems, avoiding voltage spikes and inconsistency of the equipment connected to it. Not only do they provide the “bridge” of protection until a generator system kicks in, but once properly sized and applied, they also provide power conditioning that insulates equipment from power disturbances.

When power fails or peaks and oscillations occur, you will not notice, as you will be protected with an RJM UPS.

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The waveform delivered by electric utilities is sinusoidal or sinusoidal. Depending on the equipment connected to the electrical network and other factors, this waveform can be altered, ceasing to be a perfect waveform and impairing the operation of the most modern and sensitive electronic equipment.

A sine wave UPS, therefore, works by transforming the direct current from the batteries into alternating current, that is, identical to those supplied by the electrical network, protecting the devices and preventing damage.

This type of UPS is recommended for all devices, especially the more sophisticated ones, such as Gamer PCs, Smart TVs and electros that have motors and lamps. In addition, sinusoidal nobreaks also serve very well for residential and commercial automation.

double conversion

The double conversion consists of transforming AC (Alternating Current) from the power grid into DC (direct current) to power the UPS's DC bus and from there, through the inverter circuit, transform it back into AC to power the load. This technology isolates the output power from the 100% input power from time and has zero transfer time.

It is highly reliable equipment indicated for critical load connections such as medical and laboratory equipment, medium and large servers, etc.


It has an ISOLATOR transformer, which completely isolates the load from the electrical network, through the electromagnetic coupling of the transformer, that is, the load is not physically connected to the electrical network. It is certainly safer. The Isolator transformer is a voltage step-up or step-down component that has galvanic isolation, that is, the primary of the transformer is completely isolated from the secondary, where the load is connected and has no physical contact with the power grid. In this type of transformer we have greater efficiency in protecting the load against lightning (lightning) and is indicated for critical loads that need more efficient protection.


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